2023 Achievement Grant Application

    Please submit applications by Tuesday, March 3, 2023.

    Applicant Name and Contact Information


    Home address

    Telephone number

    Email address

    Additional Information

    School that you currently attend

    What are your post-secondary plans? If you've made a decision, what field of study do you plan to pursue?

    Are you currently on a New Hampshire DI team?

    Number of years in DI

    Variety of Challenges that your team(s) worked on? What roles did you have on your team(s)?

    Other DI involvement (e.g. Team Manager, volunteer, Camp Gottalikachallenge staff)

    Volunteer or work experience

    Please describe your other volunteer or extracurricular experiences and activities

    We will also need to receive:

    • A letter of recommendation from one of your Team Managers, limited to one page in length. If this is your parent, you may choose someone else who is familiar with your DI experience.

    • A second letter of recommendation from another adult (other than a team manager or relative) who is familiar with your experiences and work ethic, such as an employer, teacher, Scoutmaster, school counselor, etc.

    • A “Picture of You”—Using the creative skills you have learned in DI, tell us in a creative way what your DI experience has meant to you and how it has impacted your life, using the medium of your choice. If you have a very large file to send to us, you can just email us a link.

    • A copy of your high school transcript OR its equivalent if you are homeschooled or at a charter school.

    All of these additional items should be emailed to scholarships@nh-di.org with your name included in the subject line. Recommendations should be emailed directly to us by the person who is giving the recommendation.

    If you have any questions, please contact us at scholarships@nh-di.org.