Team Managers, the volunteers who are responsible for facilitating student-run Destination Imagination (DI) teams, received training at Meredith’s Inter-Lakes High School on Saturday. Attendees included both new and experienced Team Managers who will guide teams in building creativity, collaboration, problem-solving, and project management skills while their teams work on one of seven STEAM-based Challenges. Their teams will be among the over 150,000 students worldwide who take part in the program each year.

The importance of avoiding interference and allowing teams to independently solve their Challenges was emphasized. Destination Imagination teams are required to rely solely on their team members for solving the Challenges.

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The training covered various aspects, including an overview of the program, enabling teams to manage their Challenge solutions, practicing Instant Challenge, among other skills. Program alumni, experienced Team Managers and board members from NHICC (New Hampshire Innovation and Creativity Connection) and NH-DI conducted the training.

Another training session for new and veteran Team Managers will take place on Saturday, November 4, 2023, at Bow. Click for more information.