The New Hampshire Destination Imagination season will officially kick-off on November first. Teams can register before or after that date. There will be a number of changes in this year’s season to ensure the safety of our teams and volunteers. On the up side, it will enable us to provide resources that were previously unavailable to help train our Team Managers and our teams!

You can register your team(s) right now at the Destination Imagination team registration page

Some updates include (and more details coming very shortly):

  • Teams will be encouraged to meet virtually. All Challenges will be supported with virtual solutions. This empowers new flexibility with teams.
  • November 1 is the release date for five of our seven Challenges. The Engineering and Improv Challenges will be released on December 1. As always, only paid and registered teams will be able to have access to the full Challenges. The summary of our Challenges is available here.
  • Rules of the Road, the rules of competition will be available on November 1.
  • Training: Team Manager and team member training will be earlier this year – and much more exciting!
  • Have questions? Write us at