Almost 300 New Hampshire teams started the year in choosing one of six STEAM-based challenges to be appraised on  creativity, problem-solving and collaboration. Now, after several rounds of competition, the top 40 New Hampshire Destination Imagination teams have been chosen to advance and compete with teams from over 20 countries and nearly every state at Destination Imagination Global Finals! [Global Finals Event Link].



Over 150,000 students across the U.S., Canada and around the world are competing, with the top-scoring teams in each Challenge and age group advancing to the global academic tournament.

“These teams have worked on solutions to open-ended challenges in science, technology, engineering, the arts, math (STEAM) or service learning for almost five months,” according to NH Destination Imagination executive director Anna Maenhout. A differentiator for “D.I.” is that they have to solve the challenge: develop the ideas, grow collaboration skills, develop the timeline and budget all by themselves without interference from adults or friends.”

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. 3M, Ford, Oracle Academy, PCG Education and others sponsor the largest educational event of its type,” according to Wayne Kurtzman, volunteer media relations director. “Beyond technology, communications, collaboration and creativity skills developed by students in Destination Imagination translate to every industry – and are needed by big businesses, startups and entrepreneurs alike.

The following teams have qualified to attend Destination Imagination Global Finals at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville from May 25-28:

Number Organization Team Name Town Challenge Level
130-32657 Bedford DI Bedford Vanished! ,Fine Arts Challenge Middle
130-10811 Bedford DI Bedford Vanished! ,Fine Arts Challenge Secondary
130-08706 Bedford DI Bedford 3-Peat ,Improvisational Challenge Middle
130-51742 Bedford DI Mind Blowers Bedford In It Together ,Engineering Challenge Elementary
130-73234 Bedford DI 5 Friends 1 Thought Bedford Ready, Willing & Fable ,Service Learning Challenge Elementary
130-71082 Berlin School Berlin Top Secret ,Scientific Challenge Secondary
130-07836 Mascoma Valley Regional HS Canaan Ready, Willing & Fable ,Service Learning Challenge Secondary
130-54986 Chesterfield School Mad Mustaches Chesterfield Show & Tech ,Technical Challenge Elementary
130-18076 Pinkerton Academy Derry Show & Tech ,Technical Challenge Secondary
130-91444 Lincoln Street School The World Wonders Exeter Ready, Willing & Fable ,Service Learning Challenge Elementary
130-39949 Ellis School Electrifying Ellis Eagles Fremont In It Together ,Engineering Challenge Middle
130-83309 Gilmanton School Spaghetti and the Meatballs Gilmanton Show & Tech ,Technical Challenge Middle
130-16919 Mountain View Middle School SECRET Goffstown Top Secret ,Scientific Challenge Middle
130-65284 Goffstown High School Agents of Imagination Goffstown Top Secret ,Scientific Challenge Secondary
130-66448 GRS Cooperative The 7 Pixel People Gorham Top Secret ,Scientific Challenge Elementary
130-85903 Grantham Village School Team Imagination Destination Grantham 3-Peat Middle
130-71499 Hampstead Academy Elkejabni Hampstead In It Together ,Engineering Challenge Middle
130-50051 Hopkinton DI Negative Points Hopkinton In It Together ,Engineering Challenge Secondary
130-67588 KHS Dancing Squirrels Keene Vanished! ,Fine Arts Challenge Secondary
130-55332 Project EXTRA, Laconia Middle School The Elements Laconia Show & Tech ,Technical Challenge Middle
130-31538 Litchfield Destination Imagination D’Imaginators Litchfield Show & Tech ,Technical Challenge Elementary
130-85138 Litchfield Destination Imagination The Musical Electricians Litchfield Show & Tech ,Technical Challenge Middle
130-80820 Lakeway Elementary School Maniacs Littleton Ready, Willing & Fable ,Service Learning Challenge Elementary
130-62558 Londonderry DI Londonderry Show & Tech ,Technical Challenge Secondary
130-02772 Londonderry DI Five Guys Londonderry 3-Peat ,Improvisational Challenge Secondary
130-14964 Southern New Hampshire University SNHU White and the Seven Dwarves Manchester 3-Peat ,Improvisational Challenge University
130-46380 Inter-Lakes The Destroyers Meredith 3-Peat ,Improvisational Challenge Elementary
130-25324 Milford DI Milford Middle School DI Milford Ready, Willing & Fable ,Service Learning Challenge Middle
130-28163 Milford DI Project Empowerment Milford Ready, Willing & Fable ,Service Learning Challenge Secondary
130-57553 Academy for Science and Design The S E A L S Nashua Top Secret ,Scientific Challenge Middle
130-74643 Main Dunstable Elementary School The InvisiBlobs Nashua Vanished! ,Fine Arts Challenge Elementary
130-49647 New Boston Central School The Insquishibles New Boston Top Secret ,Scientific Challenge Elementary
130-98923 Project Promise Afterschool Program Gnome ADS New Hampton 3-Peat ,Improvisational Challenge Elementary
130-85415 Boynton Middle School The Mellow Yellow Magicians New Ipswich Vanished! ,Fine Arts Challenge Middle
130-70224 Highbridge Hill Elementary New Ipswich In It Together ,Engineering Challenge Elementary
130-35581 Shaker Regional Omega Shaker Regional 3-Peat ,Improvisational Challenge Secondary
130-96690 Strafford School Smarticle Particles Strafford Top Secret ,Scientific Challenge Elementary
130-08589 Monadnock Regional High School Swanzey Show & Tech ,Technical Challenge Secondary
130-59987 Monadnock Regional Middle High School Swanzey 3-Peat ,Improvisational Challenge Secondary
130-41102 Thornton central school Magical Mishmoshers Thornton Vanished! ,Fine Arts Challenge Elementary

The following teams qualified for Global Finals, but opted not to attend:

Number Organization Team Name Town Challenge Level
130-28914 Academy for Science and Design Magnificent 7 Nashua 3-Peat ,Improvisational Challenge Middle