28 days from today, the first New Hampshire Destination Imagination teams will be bringing their solutions to the 20160213Apptrain_WK-185first Regional Tournaments in Plymouth and Kingston. Today, over 200 Appraisers, the volunteers who are trained to evaluate the team solutions, were trained at Merrimack Valley Middle School in Penacook.

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Appraisers were put in the place of Team Members, doing several Instant Challenges to underscore the number of variables teams endure, as well as getting an understanding of the importance of the collaboration and teamwork skills that teams develop.

A “team” made of NH-DI Alumni – Appraisers who themselves were on teams in the 35 year history of NH-DI – were challenged with a unique Team Challenge. They had only two hours to solve a challenge that would otherwise take seven months. Their performance allowed each Appraiser group to practice their new skills with an experienced team. Since they were also Appraisers, there were a few curveballs thrown in for the new Appraisers.

These volunteers are among the over 1,000 volunteers that help make our program work for the over 300 teams participating in NH Destination Imagination this year!

Thank you for your time!!!