“There’s nothing like watching a team manager cry because she’s so proud of her team.” That’s what a California official told us after last weekend’s Los Angeles regional tournament. Every year, many thousands of students from all over the world show us just how much kids can accomplish on their own.

The results can seem magical, but it’s really very simple. Give kids an open-ended Challenge, ask them to create an imaginative solution for that Challenge, and allow them to work together for several months without adult interference. And please don’t forget to make sure they have lots of fun doing this!

That’s Destination Imagination’s recipe for teaching students to be more creative, and for bringing out hidden skills that the kids never knew they had. Over the course of the season, teams learn how to work together effectively as they create their Challenge solution.

Starting tomorrow, our tournaments will celebrate the hard work of hundreds of New Hampshire teams. We’re about to see some wonderful things from the most creative kids in our state!