20130920soxald056CONGRATULATIONS to our World Champion Boston Red Sox! After 162 games and the post season, the 2013 Boston Red Sox created success by not relying on any one person. We heard it all year long – they leveraged the skills that each player brings to the plate. This carried beyond the names we know into the people behind the scenes – the whole team.

The non-profit Destination Imagination academic program, or “DI”  is just like that: Team members may or may not know each other when the year starts, but have a Challenge ahead of them. They need to develop a sense of common purpose, project and situational management. They have to develop and use their creative side and balance silliness with strategy. The need to grow together to build the skills to creatively deliver results that the team is proud to show at competition.

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Photo: @WayneNH of clinching the division.