globalfinals12_wideopenThere will be a lot going on when the 38 Team New Hampshire teams join the record-setting 1,419 qualifying teams from 42 states and 14 countries at Destination Imagination Global Finals. The best ways to keep up to date are simple and electronic.

First: Get an extra portable recharger for your phone – you’ll need the boost.

1. will carry the webcasts of opening and closing ceremonies (7:30 PM on Wednesday and Saturday). Individual competition is not carried.

2. and click PHOTOS. Several times a day, thousands of photos will be added to those albums!

3. will have updated team New Hampshire info through the week, and additional photos as we can get them posted!

4. Global Finals apps are available for tablets and mobile phones at: . There is a nice Android app available in Google Play.


The best real-time information will be available on Twitter and Facebook. For official sources you can follow @IDODI, the official DI handle and @NH_DI. The hashtag, for easier searching, is #GlobalFinals13.

If you do not use Twitter, you can still monitor the conversations (and perhaps a tad more spam) by clicking here .

Follow our NH-DI Facebook page (click here) and the Destination Imagination Facebook Page (click here).

Now, you are ready for Global Finals!