Here’s a great Task Based Instant Challenge to use with your teams!






For Setup:

2 sheets cardstock
2 Corks
2 Marbles
Tape or String to make a line on the floor
Cups (to make forest barrier)


For Activity:

12 Straws
2 labels
2 paper clips
4 toothpicks
2 sheets newspaper


CHALLENGE STATEMENT: Move corks and marbles over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house.


SETUP: On the floor is a string line. Behind the line are 2 corks and 2 marbles. The front of grandmother’s house is 4 feet from the taped line. Between the taped line and the house are 2 obstacles, the river and the woods. You will have materials to use to create a way to move the corks and marbles over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house.


PART 1: 6 minutes.  Using the provided materials, your challenge is to develop a way to move 2 corks and 2 marbles from behind the starting line (string line), over the river (paper tent) and through the woods (cup forest) so that they end up inside grandmother’s house (box). The marbles and corks must go over the river and through the woods. You may practice during Part 1.


PART 2: 2 minutes. Move the corks and marbles to grandmother’s house. No part of any team member’s body may extend over the start line. Once an object being moved crosses the start line, it may not be retrieved.



You will receive:

10 points for each object successfully transported to grandmother’s house (maximum 40 points)

1-40 points for the creativity of the transportation system devised by the team.

1-20    points for how well your team works together