Training and Workshops

Details about this year’s training will be posted here shortly including:

  • Details for this year’s Newbie Workshop – especially for new Team Managers
  • Details for this year’s Team Managers’ Café – All Team Managers can take courses to meet their team’s needs
  • Details for this year’s Instant Combustion Workshop for teams
  • Directions for how to register
    (We’ll let you know on Facebook and Twitter when registration for these events are open).

Training for Team Managers

Talk to your Team Managers about attending training! Getting training will help them (and their teams!) to have a successful and rewarding experience.

  • Newbie Training – Just for new team managers, you’ll want to register them for this vital training! We’ll walk team managers through what they need to know in order to have a successful season!  We provide this training twice, once in late October and again at the Team Manager Café in mid-November.
  • Team Managers’ Café – If you have any veteran team managers, send them to this training to learn advanced techniques for working with their teams!  This year, we have revamped our training considerably, so if you have a veteran who hasn’t been to training in a while, please encourage them to attend!

Training for Team Members

  • Instant Combustion – a fun and lively training session for the team members themselves. This workshop features Instant Challenge practice, improv games that will exercise each team’s creative skills, and more!

Click here for details and instructions on how to register.