Tournament Volunteer Page

All New Hampshire teams are asked to provide a volunteer to help run our tournaments. For most teams, this will be an Appraiser (for more information about this job, see our Appraiser Center page). We will also allow a limited number of teams to provide a five-hour volunteer instead of an Appraiser.

These volunteers work a five-hour shift at their team’s regional tournament (we do schedule this around the team’s performance). Tasks assigned to these volunteers might include being a door monitor at a performance site, working at the NH-DI Concessions table, preparing lunch for our Appraisers, or running team scores just to name a few possibilities.

Five-hour volunteers don’t require any advanced training or preparation. They just need to report for work at their assigned time. We’ll show them what to do, and they will be finished in five hours. The only important thing to remember is that they must arrive on time for their shift, because that’s when we’ll need them to help make the tournament a fun experience for the teams and their parents!

If you have agreed to be your team’s five-hour volunteer, here are a few things that you should know:

  • The most important thing to remember is when to report for work! The volunteer schedule will be published shortly the tournament. When it’s ready, we’ll post a link to it on the tournament home page.
  • Please check the volunteer schedule! Mistakes do happen occasionally. If we accidentally schedule you to work during your team’s performance, contact the tournament director immediately to request a different assignment.
  • When you arrive at the tournament, you’ll check in at the Information Table. If no one is available at the Info Table, check in at NH-DI Concessions.

If your team’s volunteer is unable to work their shift, it’s perfectly OK to ask another adult to take over their assignment. It isn’t necessary to notify NH-DI about the change, but please make sure that the substitute knows the name of the person that they’ll be replacing. We’ll need this to figure out where your substitute is supposed to work.

Please, no job sharing! We need one person for five hours, and not five people for one hour each. Some of the assignments require some on-the-job training, so it’s a big problem for us when volunteers leave right after they’ve learned their job, and we then have to train their replacement.